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Better Sleep - It Might Be Time for a New Mattress!

A great night’s sleep can leave you feeling rested, recharged and ready to conquer the day.

Unfortunately, for many of us, especially those suffering from backaches, a good night’s sleep can be elusive. People wake up in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons, but if it is because of stiffness and aches, it is a problem that may be helped!

The first step to setting things right is seeing your chiropractor. Those stiff and tight muscles, achy joints, and or underlying alignment issues often prevent us from finding a comfortable sleeping position. We need to remember that a good night’s sleep is critical to restoring our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Next, you may consider whether it is time to say “good-bye” to that old mattress and “hello” to a new piece of nightly heaven. Mattresses that are between 7-10 years old or show visible signs of wear and tear (e.g. sagging) are likely not providing you with a good night’s rest.

Where do you start – and what do you really need to know about buying a new mattress?

Mattresses are health care products and as such should be fitted to the person so that the natural position of the spine is maintained throughout the night, thereby reducing unnecessary stresses on the body.

What aspect of the mattress makes the difference between a good or bad night’s sleep?

We should consider the intricacies of the coil systems, steel gauge rating, foam density and padding, but ultimately it comes down to how you FEEL when you sleep on it.

We know that people who have chronic low back pain will be more sensitive to mattress firmness that healthier people. Mattress firmness is the bedding industry’s term for stiffness. A firmer bed provides support by preventing the back from sinking more deeply into the bed and irritating the spinal joints as soft or worn-out mattresses generally do over time. A softer mattress, however, has the advantage of conforming and cushioning the natural curvatures of the body. However, if it is too soft, the spinal joints may sink into non-neutral positions often resulting in pain or discomfort.

So, the question is… what is the best firmness?

A medium to firm mattress.

Benefits of a medium to firm mattress include:

· Better for lower back discomfort

· Ideal for back or side sleepers

· Distributes weight evenly

· Encourages proper alignment

It is important to remember that getting a new mattress is like getting a new pair of shoes; you have to break it in! So, while you may initially experience some discomfort until your body has adjusted to the new mattress, you can “rest assured” that a great night’s sleep awaits you!

How to choose a mattress Windsor Scott Colasanti Chiropractor


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