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What to Expect During Your First Visit


The first appointment with Dr. Colasanti may not involve any adjustments. Rather, this is a time for the doctor to assess your condition and for you to ask questions. You should anticipate setting aside approximately 45 minutes or so for this process. Read on to get a clearer idea of what to expect on your first chiropractic visit.



Your Medical History

Prior to your appointment, you’ll be given the paperwork to fill out regarding your presenting issue and your past medical history, along with any medications you are currently taking. You can also download the forms in advance here

Once you enter the exam room to meet with Dr. Colasanti, you’ll be asked about your condition in greater detail. The doctor will want to know when your pain began, whether there was a precipitating event leading to it and specifics regarding the kind of discomfort you are experiencing.

You can also discuss anything you’ve noticed about the pain such as what makes it better or what aggravates it.



Physical Exam

Next, you will undergo a physical exam to provide a better understanding of your unique issues. The exam is conducted fully clothed, but we recommend wearing loose and comfortable attire. General diagnostics will be performed such as measuring your vital signs.

Then various neurological and orthopedic exams will be administered to measure muscle strength and tone, range of motion in the affected area and neurological integrity. Additional tests may be needed based on what is concluded at this point.



Diagnostic Procedures

To get a view of your current alignment, you may undergo x-rays. Depending on the information gleaned from your exam, additional diagnostic tests like an MRI or lab work may be ordered.

These procedures can provide insight that cannot be achieved through physical examination alone.



Treatment Plan

After gathering most of the information needed to develop a tentative diagnosis, the doctor can begin to discuss possible treatments for your condition.


A chiropractic treatment plan usually includes recommended types of adjustments, additional methods to control pain and heal soft tissue, possible exercises to supplement adjustments and patient education.


You will be given an estimated number of required visits in your treatment plan. When the time period of the initial treatment plan ends, you will be reevaluated to determine the need for future treatment.


It is important that you continue your treatment as recommended. Attending only a session or two is not likely to relieve your symptoms.



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