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Why Does My Back Hurt?

You may be experiencing back pain for several reasons:

  • Everyday wear and tear

  • Our work habits (ex: sitting at a desk all day)

  • Lifestyle choices (ex: poor posture while using mobile devices)

  • Trauma (ex: a fall, strain or sprain)

Any of the above can cause your spine to misalign. These misalignments can affect the nerves which are located in and radiating out of your spinal column.

Damage to the ligaments and muscles in your back, neck and shoulders can also result in inflammation which also inhibits proper nerve functioning.

Misaligned joints, also called subluxations, can increase pressure on discs which may bulge, herniate and cause further irritation to the nerves; which may eventually cause joint degeneration and more permanent impairment.

As chiropractors, we strive to treat the problem which caused the back pain.

Other medical treatments such as pain relievers and muscle relaxers mask the symptoms which may cause further damage and adverse side effects.

If you’re experiencing acute or chronic back pain, please call to schedule your consultation. 519-258-8544


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