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Why Are You Improving Your Health?

You eat right, you exercise, you manage stress, you try to get enough sleep...

While many of us strive for improved health, it’s important to note that some of us are actually body conscious and not health conscious.

Consider these two examples:

  • Body conscious people work out with weights to tone their body to look better. Health conscious people work out with weights to build muscle to help prevent future bone loss.

  • Body conscious people may avoid eating fats to avoid getting fat. Health conscious people know that consuming a moderate amount of fat helps nerve and overall body functions.

Similarly, some people who believe in chiropractic care fall into the ‘body conscious’ group: they will visit a chiropractor to overcome aches and pains. Truly health conscious people visit a chiropractor regularly to maintain good health and nerve functioning.

Take a moment to review your health goals and determine which group you belong to. Are you working towards your health goals for appearance purposes or for truly better health?

Please call to schedule an appointment with us to discuss adding regular chiropractic care into your healthy lifestyle strategy. We’re here to help you: 519-258-8544.


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