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Proactive Versus Reactive Health Care

Here at Colasanti Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we believe in a “proactive” health care model.

What is proactive healthcare?

Proactive healthcare involves continually taking steps to maintain good health before illness or injury occurs. By working to prevent the occurrence of disease, illness or injury; this model for self-care is better for our health care system and ourselves.

When we take action to monitor and manage our health, we reduce our dependence on our health care providers to manage our illness.

It’s easier to maintain good health than manage sickness.

What is reactive health care?

Reactive health is managing our illness, disease or injury which is more likely to involve surgery, medication, hospital stays, ER visits, chronic pain management, time away from work and a less active and happy life.

Proactive health tips:

  • Schedule regular visits to your primary physician, dentist and chiropractor

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Monitor your blood pressure and have your blood tested as recommended

  • Regularly perform self-examinations

  • Take steps to boost your immune system with vitamin C and antioxidants

  • Avoid pollution and toxins in and outside your home

  • Stretch and exercise regularly

  • Avoid processed foods

  • Stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water

  • Get restful sleep

  • Practice stress management techniques

Final considerations about proactive or preventative self-care:

  • You will be better able to avoid potential health problems

  • You will more likely to detect early symptoms of disease or illness

  • Early detection may help with treatment of your illness or injury

Regular chiropractic care is an important element of a preventative health care approach. We would like to be your partners in your proactive health strategy: Please call us to schedule your appointment and to discuss your wellness plan. 519-258-8544


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