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The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment: More Than Just Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment is widely known for addressing musculoskeletal complaints, such as sprains, strains, headaches, and sciatica. When a new patient visits me, I conduct a comprehensive history and orthopedic examination. Additionally, I typically perform a postural check and evaluate the motion of their spinal joints.

Why is this important?

Structure and function are interconnected. Our daily stresses can accumulate, causing a range of issues from minor discomfort to severe pain. The spine, central to our structure and a critical hub for both the central and peripheral nervous systems, often needs attention when problems arise. Issues in the spine can manifest as restrictions and pain in various regions, often referred to as subluxation complexes.

Conversely, problems with organs or tissues supplied by spinal nerves can also trigger issues at the corresponding spinal level. The primary goal of chiropractic care is to restore motion in restricted spinal segments, thereby reducing irritation to the nervous system. Adjusting the spine can set off a beneficial cascade of events, including reducing muscle spasms, releasing endorphins, and decreasing local inflammation—much like hitting the 're-boot' button on a computer.

Let me share a common scenario I often see in my practice. Jane comes in with chronic pain between her shoulder blades. She leads a stressful life, drinks a lot of coffee, and doesn't follow the best diet. During her consultation, I learned that she also experiences gastric reflux and is on medication for it. Upon examination, I identify several levels of spinal restriction and pain in her mid-back. I perform a chiropractic adjustment on this area as part of the treatment. At her follow-up visit, Jane reported that her back feels much better and her reflux symptoms have significantly improved.

What could have happened here? The area where Jane experienced pain is the same area that provides nerve supply to the stomach. By reducing the nerve irritation in that spinal region, it’s possible that the nerves supplying the stomach also benefit. I have witnessed these additional benefits of chiropractic care countless times in my practice.

Why not schedule a chiropractic adjustment and enjoy the potential fringe benefits? Call us at 519-258-8544 to make an appointment.


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