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Snow Shoveling Tips to Avoid Injury

It's that time of year again. Snow is falling and expected across Windsor and Essex County. We are seeing an increased number of patients with back, shoulder and neck problems due to shovelling.

Here are some snow shovelling tips:

  • Remember that your body is not used to this activity, so it’s important to stretch your legs, shoulders and your back before shovelling.

  • Dress in layers and wear appropriate footwear.

  • Use your legs as much as possible.

  • Try to maintain proper posture as much as possible. When you have to lift the shovel, focus on using your legs. Try to push the snow and avoid twisting motions.

  • Hold the shovel close to your body, with one hand near the blade for better leverage.

  • Take frequent breaks if necessary and remember to stay hydrated.

  • Stretch when you’re done.

If you see a neighbour out working a snow blower, don’t be shy to ask for help. What only takes them only minutes can take you an hour. Remember that those lucky enough to have a snowblower only get to use their equipment a few times a year and might enjoy helping someone out.

Of course, if you do experience back, shoulder and neck pain from shovelling, give us a call right away - We can help. 519-258-8544


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