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Making the Most of Your Chiropractic Experience

Let’s say you're thinking of making a chiropractic appointment for help with shoulder and neck pain which may be causing your headaches.

How can you benefit the most from chiropractic care?


A chiropractic adjustment helps return your body to a normal state, which will help give you relief from your painful symptoms. Keep in mind that the positive effects may not be immediate (it likely took a long time to create the pain you’re experiencing!) and your chiropractor will recommend an estimated duration and frequency of necessary visits as well as complementary therapies, (such LASER therapy, massage, acupuncture, etc.) to expedite healing and relief.

Correct the cause of the problem

Your chiropractor will recommend actions to correct the cause of your pain. With the example of shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches; through a conversation your chiropractor has determined that you’re spending too much time working on a computer without the proper ergonomics.

They may recommend for you to be more conscious of your posture, take regular stretch breaks and look into more ergonomically friendly workspace. Your chiropractor will suggest exercises to help reverse damage and prevent future problems.

Return for maintenance care

Once you’re feeling better and have corrected the cause of the problem, your chiropractor will recommend returning for regular maintenance care. These occasional visits will help your body remain in its healthy, normal state - proactively preventing future problems.

Whether you’re seeking relief, looking to correct problems or want to get on a maintenance care schedule; it’s easy to get started. Give us a call today to arrange your appointment - 519-258-8544


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