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It's Time to Care For Yourself

You’re busy. You give it your all. Your to-do list seems endless. You’re pulled in a million directions, trying to keep up with work, family and household demands.

Are you truly taking care of yourself?

Practising self-care not only benefits you but also everyone and everything in your life.

Here’s a little inspiration for improved self-care:

  • Make good sleep a priority. It’s how your body recharges and heals itself.

  • Plan and prepare healthy meals in advance as a family activity. Give your body the fuel it needs to meet the day’s demands.

  • Take time for yourself every day. Exercise, take a walk, chat with a friend, try meditation or read.

  • Let go of comparisons. Everyone has unique gifts as well as struggles.

  • Be proactive with your health. Visit your doctor, get a massage and see your chiropractor regularly.

Remember that perfection is not only unrealistic, it's also subjective. Instead of striving for perfection, congratulate yourself on doing your best.

The importance of Self Care Dr Scott Colasanti


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