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Get Up and Move... More Often!

Many of us spend a good part of the work day confined behind a desk, an electronic device or a steering wheel. Too much of any one thing is never good - especially a lack of movement.

Problems related to prolonged sitting have reached epidemic proportions.

When we sit, our joints aren’t moving, our digestion slows down and our blood isn’t flowing as it should - which even impairs brain functioning!

“I’ll take the stairs next time.”

Certainly great in theory, but along with prolonged sitting, we’re also time-crunched and busy people. So when you think, "tomorrow I’ll move more" or "next time I’ll take the stairs", remember:

"Either we control our own health, or allow someone else to manage our sickness."

Make a plan of action and add more physical activity to your day.

Here are some tips:

  • Set the alarm on your mobile device to go off every hour. Stand-up, stretch, take a brisk one minute walk and drink some water.

  • Stand up and if possible walk around when having a phone conversation

  • Park at the back of the parking lot

  • Commit to taking the stairs at every opportunity

  • Wear a pedometer and set step goals for yourself

  • Enlist friends and co-workers to become more physically active at work

  • Hold, or ask your employer to have a ‘walking meeting’

  • Visit a co-worker as opposed to sending an email or text

Always remember what’s really important in your life - good health and healthy relationships.


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