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Creating New, Healthy Morning Habits

Getting into a new, healthier morning routine can be tough.


  • Our brains are wired to follow existing habits. These existing habits allow our brains to go on ‘auto-pilot’ and save the hard thinking for other, more important tasks.

  • The existing habits have an established ‘reward’ for the related behavior (ex: take a shower = feel refreshed or brush teeth = fresh breath) already in place, which a new habit does not.

Considerations to start your day:

Do you immediately think, ‘I need more sleep’ as soon as the alarm goes off? If so, this is likely a habitual behavior or thought.

What if you could retrain your brain to think, ‘Yes, a new day!’ This new thought pattern may put your entire day in a new positive and less stressful perspective.  When your alarm goes off, immediately think affirming thoughts such as, ‘It’s going to be a great day. I look forward to meeting new challenges today.’

Does your day start in a frantic pace? Try waking up 20 minutes earlier and try a few of the following things.

  • Have a glass of water

  • Stretch

  • Breathe deeply

  • Meditate

  • Put your day in perspective with positive affirmations.

  • Reflect on the things you are grateful for

  • Spend a moment in nature

The morning sets the pace for your entire day. Starting it off right can make all the difference to your mind and body.