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Want Healthy Children? Lead by Example

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Healthy, happy children become healthy, happy adults.

We all know that we should be setting a good example for our children's healthy lifestyle, and children learn healthy habits from their parents.

Are you setting a healthy example for your children?

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Activity level - How physically active are you? Are you and your children getting the right amount of exercise?

  • Eating habits - Generally children eat what their parents prepare or purchase. Are you setting a healthy example? Are there areas of your diet (and thereby your children's) that can be improved?

  • Healthy body image - Your children 'pick up' and may imitate what you focus on. If you complain about being overweight, as example, your children may mimic this unhealthy behaviour. Transition your focus to health and away from appearance for your and your children's benefit.

  • Practice proactive health - Establishing good health as a priority in your life will benefit your children as they grow and mature into teens and adults. Concentrate on maintaining good health, rather than managing sickness. Schedule regular check-ups with your family doctor, see your dentist twice a year and of course, make time for regular chiropractic care.

  • Make time for family - Yes, life is busy and there are a lot of fun distractions in today's world. Make an effort to turn off Netflix, put away your tablets, laptops and smartphones and spend quality time every day engaging with your children.

If parents can start making incremental improvements in their health, the whole family will benefit for a lifetime. Start today, we can help - 519-258-8544

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