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Potential Help for Ear Infections, Sinusitis and Allergies

If you or your child has suffered from ear infections, you understand how painful and problematic this often chronic condition can be. Doctor, hospital, specialist visits and even surgery to insert tubes to improve drainage is a long, painful process - for sufferers of all ages.

Knowing that our spine houses our nerves and our nerves control every aspect of our body is a good foundation for understanding how chiropractic care may help with ear infections, sinusitis and allergies.

Try chiropractic

When your spine is in proper alignment, your body is better able to function at its normal, healthy state, which also includes self-healing capabilities.

If there is interference in the upper cervical area (the uppermost 3 bones in the spine), nerve signals may not properly be reaching the brain. Fluids may build up as a result, which breeds bacteria and infection.

By restoring the proper position of the vertebra that house the nerves that affect ears and sinuses, related problems may disappear.

While chiropractic care doesn’t specifically treat ear infections, sinusitis or allergies, restoring balance to the body has many immediate, far-reaching and long-lasting effects. If you or your child has issues with ear or sinus infections, please call us for more information and to schedule your visit: 519-258-8544


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