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Your Brain on Tech

Technology, particularly in this time of self-isolation, is a true necessity for most. Whether working from home or just for entertainment; access to technology helps us all stay informed and connected.

However, all this technology may be harmful to our brain functioning. Consider the following:

Let’s say you’re watching videos on YouTube, streaming a show, or even scrolling through TikToc – these “activities” stimulate and bombard your brain’s visual system, found in the occipital lobe.

Meanwhile, your frontal lobe (the area of your brain responsible for reading, writing and memory) is completely idle.

This mismatch of sensory stimulus not only affects your brain’s function, but also negatively affects your nervous system functioning.

Consider for a moment the lengthy evolution of our human brain. Now introduce technology, whether general screen time, video games or even just watching a movie… it’s only in the last few decades that this unbalanced, intense and artificial stimulation is a part of our everyday lives.

Are our brains meant or prepared to handle this?

What about a younger, still-developing brain?

What may be the long-term effects of a brain raised on this technology?

Make the effort everyday to seek out activities which balance your brain’s functioning:

· Going for a family walk

· Playing board or memory games

· Imaginative play time

Movement, human interactions, (speaking, listening, responding, interpreting body language), recall, decision making are more important than ever to include in our everyday lives!

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