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Not Feeling Like Yourself?

We are indeed experiencing stressful times. The cumulative effect of stressors in our lives can have physical and psychological impacts.

Some of these stressors are beyond our control; we can only help manage how we react to them.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get back on track and feeling physically and emotionally better.

Do something for someone else

Call an elderly neighbour, or an old friend, donate blood or to a food bank. Practice kindness in every interaction to help turn the focus away from yourself.

Write it down

Recording how we feel mentally and physically can help us organize and make sense of our issues. Documenting feelings can have a positive therapeutic effect and can help put things in perspective.

Schedule your day

Making a plan for your day (and following through!) will help you to feel accomplished. Set small goals for yourself and your actions will help alleviate your anxiety.

Take a walk

Getting outside and being active can have a calming and relaxing effect. Improved circulation and time spent away from your regular environment both have lasting positive results.

Do something for yourself

Take time to do something for yourself, such as reading an inspiring story, watching an enlightening TED Talk, or practising relaxation techniques.

If we can remove ourselves temporarily from our regular routine, we often benefit by taking the focus away from our personal issues.


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