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Healthy Summer Bucket List

Many families have prepared a “Summer Bucket List” to help keep their children active and entertained this summer.

We’d like to suggest adding some “healthy” activities to your list! Best of all, these healthy options are low cost and great for the entire family.

  • Visit a farmer’s market and see if your family can make a full day’s healthy menu from only local products

  • Create a goal of how far to walk along Windsor’s Riverfront

  • Challenge your family to bike a lengthy portion of the Greenway

  • Walk all the way from the Visitor’s Centre at Point Pelee to the very tip of the Point

  • Be “junk food free” for an entire weekend

  • Disconnect everyone from wifi and cellular data for a day and spend the time working on a family project or playing board games

A bucket list can create lasting family memories, and adding healthy challenges may just become healthy habits.

Let us know your healthy bucket list items! Good luck and enjoy!


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