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Get Your Children Active This Summer

We all know that good health is a habit that is best developed at a young age. With the lure of easy entertainment at our fingertips, it's even harder for parents to get their children out and active.

Here are a few tips to get your children more active this summer;

1) Do physical activities with your children - Make a commitment to their health and set aside time every day to take a walk with your children, go play a round of mini golf, kick around a soccer ball. They'll love spending time with you and you'll feel the benefits as well.

2) Power down - Spend time away from mobile phones, laptops and tablets and your children will follow your behaviour.

3) Increase their summertime responsibilities - With school out, children have more time to help out around the house. Make them responsible for maintaining a flower bed, cutting the grass, or watering indoor plants.

Healthy, happy kids grow into healthy, happy adults - and of course, if your child is experiencing headaches, muscle or joint pain, please call us for an appointment - 519-258-8544


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