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Creating a Healthy "Back to School" Schedule

Getting your children back into the swing of things for the new school year can be challenging! Often a few bad habits such as staying up late, sleeping in and extra time spent on tech devices have developed and school discipline has been long forgotten.


For your school-aged children, sleep is an essential component to help them function at their best. Here’s a general guide about children and their sleep requirements.

Healthy Eating

Packing healthy lunches that your children will actually eat is often one of the most challenging chores for parents. There’s a lot of inspirational help available online; simply search: "children healthy lunch ideas".

General Scheduling

Some parents use online calendars to manage their children’s activities, but many rely on the "old-fashioned" calendar-on-the-fridge method. Between regular school activities, sports or music extracurricular, hockey practices, karate classes, gymnastics or piano lessons… "downtime" disappears fast.

Here are some considerations to add to your children’s schedules to help keep their time well balanced:

  • Schedule in "downtime"

  • Schedule "non-tech time"

  • Schedule quality family time - even if it’s a walk, a board game or a leisurely meal together

  • Schedule their health

We recommend once-monthly maintenance chiropractic check-ins for children of all ages.

Why is regular chiropractic care so important for children?

  • Consider the physical growth and change that occurs during these years

  • Children are hard on their bodies: carrying heavy backpacks, playing sports or even if your child is too inactive is tough on developing young bodies

  • Mobile devices, laptops and video games are bodily stressors that have increased dramatically more so in the last decade than ever before

When the calendar fills up, check that your children are getting enough physical activity: here’s a guideline for all ages.

We wish all children and families health and happiness in the new school year. To schedule your visit, please call the office at: 519-258-8544.


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