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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Back pain and pregnancy seem to go hand and hand. In fact, approximately 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain by the time they deliver. Especially during the third trimester.

That’s why Chiropractic Care is especially important during pregnancy. It doesn’t involve drugs or surgery but can be an effective tool to help ease back pain that usually increases as your due date comes closer. The earlier in your pregnancy you begin chiropractic care, the more effective your relief may be.

There are many hormonal and physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Along with a typical weight gain of 25-35lbs is it any surprise that your posture and comfort are affected?

These physical changes can lead to a misaligned spine and pelvis. When your pelvis is out of alignment it can actually restrict the amount of space available to your developing baby and we all know that baby needs all the space they can get!

Another complication that can arise from a misaligned pelvis relates to the actual delivery. It can make it hard for your baby to move itself into the best birthing position low in the pelvic area. This can actually lead to a longer, more complicated delivery.

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, in a study of 170 pregnant women, those who received chiropractic care reported less pain and discomfort during BOTH pregnancy and delivery.

Your chiropractor can also show you some stretches that can be done at home to help alleviate lower back pain and discomfort on a daily basis.

A maternity chiropractor can provide safe, drug free care during your entire pregnancy that can help relieve pain by decreasing pressure on joints, muscles and nerves in the spine and pelvic area.

If you are experiencing back, hip or joint pain during your pregnancy, speak to your doctor first before considering if chiropractic care is right for you and your pregnancy plan. Reach out to us to schedule your assessment and visit: 519-258-8544


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