A Happy and Healthy Back to School Routine

Make it easy on yourself and your children by having a healthy back to school plan in place well before the first school day.

Taking the time to be well prepared in advance will save your family time and stress when the first bell rings.

Reset internal sleep clocks

Returning to a normal sleep schedule can be the most challenging part of children going back to school. Children need proper sleep for them to function at their best and if their summer wake up time is off from their school wake up time, your kids will suffer when they return to school.

Get your kids into bed and awake 15 minutes early each day until they are back on their school sleep routine well before the school year begins.

Get organized

School can be stressful for not just the kids but for parents as well. Spend time creating a family calendar and a calendar for each child. It’s the perfect place to document all after school activities, field trips, doctor appointments and assignment deadlines.

Involve the children in updating their calendars and checking in daily to see upcoming priorities.

Shop, but don’t over shop

Most children will require some clothes and supplies for back to school, but this is a good opportunity to demonstrate to your kids that a happy life doesn't revolve around owning “things” - just buy them the necessities and the basics.

A good life is focused on what’s important; family, experience, personal growth and expression.

Plan meals ahead of time

Take the time to prepare a week’s menu in advance to help:

  • Remove much of the stress related to meal planning

  • Avoid time-consuming extra trips to the grocery store

  • Eliminate expensive and unhealthy fast food meals

Involve your children in choosing school lunches and meal planning to help them understand the importance of making healthy decisions.

Getting into a well organized and healthy back to school routine will help establish lasting good habits. Reducing stress within the family dynamic will help everyone focus on what’s important; another successful school year.

From our families to yours, we wish you all the best!

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